Reading feeds outside a folder hang newsblur

I have about 150 feeds, most of which are in folders. A few are outside of folders and appear at the top. When I click on one and read the articles, things seem to hang and I can’t click on any other feeds/folders or use keyboard shortcuts.


BTW, I’m using latest Chrome stable on Mac OS 10.8.2

That’s odd. Are you in the Feed view or Original view? Nothing should freeze when you click on a feed.

Feed view. After playing with it a bit more it only seems to happen when transitioning from a feed to a folder. For example, if I’m hitting ‘j’ to go through the items in a feed and hit the end, then hit ‘shift-j’ to go to the next item on the left (which is now a folder), it hangs, or never goes to the folder. I have to click on it with the mouse and sometimes reload the page.

You shouldn’t be able to shift+up/down (same as shift+j/k) between types. If you’re on a feed, the next item will also be a feed. If you’re on a folder, the next item will be a folder. When you’re on a feed and hit shift+down, you end up on a folder?! That’s not good.

I’m not explaining this well. I have a mixture of feeds not in a folder and folders. So, on the left side I have feeds at the top that aren’t in a folder and then folders of feeds below them. It’s when I’m on a feed and shift+down to a folder that the problem happens.

Yeah, this shouldn’t happen. You’re moving from a top level feed to a feed in a folder. Is it specific about a feed? If you mark that feed as read and then try it again so that the next feed is a different one, does it still happen?

No, I’m moving from a top level feed to a top level folder that is closed. I like reading everything in the folder together. I just tried it again and it froze my entire safari browser (version 6). Chrome also hangs.

You shouldn’t be able to move into a collapsed folder using keyboard shortcuts. It should skip to the next open folder and then the first feed.

Can you upload a screenshot of what’s happening?

Here’s a screenshot. I’ve just pressed shift-j to go to the ‘Apple folder’ and it hangs.

Ah-ha! Yeah, that won’t work. You need to be on a folder to shift+j between folders.

OK, cool. Perhaps it shouldn’t hang, though :slight_smile: