"Reading by folder is only available to premium subscribers"

A few updates ago, Newsblur eliminated the ability to view all of your stories by folder, for the free app users. I get it – it’s always good to try and steer people to your paid services. Still, this change makes me more inclined to drop Newsblur altogether when there are so many free alternatives. whereas my continued use of Newsblur increase the changes I change to the paid service at some point down the road. Please consider undoing this change.

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Hi John,

I’ve moved the price up to $36/year to better fund NewsBlur’s expenses. The reality is that it costs a lot of money to run and grow a service like NewsBlur and I’m working hard to make it better every day. But to do that I need to move revenue to a place where it can better grow NewsBlur with a sustainable $36/year rate.

Were we notified of the price increase? Maybe I missed it. 50% seems pretty extreme. I’ve been a subscriber to support the business (I don’t really care about any of the premium features and can trim the fat to get under the site cap) since 2013 but I just turned off autorenew.

I’ms sorry you feel that way Robert but I greatly appreciate your support for so many years. I hope you resubscribe one day.