Could we have integration in a general or specific way?

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Alright, I reverse engineered the service (since there is no api, but there is a bookmarklet that POSTs double-encoded data to the server), but is anybody actually going to use it? I don’t want to clutter the Preferences screen with a dozen services that only one person uses. If a few more people make a request for, I’ll add it in. That’s how ReadItLater got in (as well as Instapaper, but that was a request since day 1 from multiple people).

I’m not sure what is (I’ll check it out) but I have to say this is amazing support.

Awesome! And I see the point in not adding it just yet. is really fresh at the moment, so there is no guarantee at all it’ll become popular. I wonder if I could make a Chrome extension that does this until is included properly (if ever).