"Read" status not sticking when using android app.

When I read items with the android app (v 2.0.2), some of them will show up later as unread. I can’t see any discernable pattern as to why this will only happen to certain ones.


I have seen this especially while having a flaky network connection and while deleting feeds entirely after marking items in it read (whole feed comes back to life with unread items in it!). But it seems to happen in other situations as well.

We just improved how the Android app syncs stories, but I’m thinking we need to improve it further.

Ah – I thought I was up to date, but I wasn’t. My comments apply to 1.3.2. Just upgraded to 2.0.2 like the OP, we’ll see how that goes.

OK, at the risk of straying off-topic, with 2.0.2 it is still the case that if I delete a feed (via tap-and-hold) and then hit the refresh button in the top right the feed re-appears with unread items in it.

Quick update: I’m now on 2.1.0 and it is still the case that if I delete a feed in the Android app it comes right back on refresh or just next time I open the app.