Read states are starting to have issues

I use NewsBlur mainly by reading headlines in the Android app, saving stories that I want to read at a later time. Lately, however, articles I’ve read on my phone appear to be unread when I go to the NewsBlur website on my computer. This is the first time this has happened in the month plus I’ve been using the service.

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I wish you put Android in the title of this post, since that would have made it clearer for anybody stumbling on this. Anyway, I assume you’re on latest, so you should know that stories get sent when you move between feeds and after every N read stories (which I think is set to something like 5 or even 10).

I think it should be every single story, like on iOS. I’ll see about getting that in.

Thanks for the quick response! And looking forward to that update.

Just to be clear, though, just looking at the list of titles will never mark them as read. You have to actually view a story or use the mark-all-read button for the feed/folder.