Read saved stories by feed/folder

I tend to go through my feeds by skimming and saving the articles I would actually like to read. The problem is the saved stories are just an unorganized list. I would live to be able to read saved articles by feed/folder.

My optimal version of this would be to add a tab to the [All/unread/focused] area for saved articles (as below, if the image works). Then be able to choose a feed from my pre-organized foldered feeds to view the saved articles only.


Bump, I’d love this too.

Interesting idea. I’m planning on building tagging soon for saved stories. I might include the folder as a default tag. Going to think about that one.

Oh, and tags will look just like feeds do under a folder, except they’ll be under the Saved Stories header at the bottom.

Understood. I’ll just share that my personal experience with tagging (Evernote/pocket) has been largely unsuccessful. I always start by trying to tag everything appropriately but ultimately end up drowning in a sea of slightly related tags and untagged items. As websites (or folders in which people choose to organize websites) tend to stay in genre, auto sorting by site/folder would be my pick.

Yep, I thought about it and decided to auto-populate with the parent folders (and all the way up w/ nested folders). I’m probably working on this feature next, after I ship offline. I’m nearly done with offline as well, so this is coming up very soon now.

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I really like this idea. I’ll bump it too.