Read from Desktop Shows as New in Android

After I’ve read articles online from my laptop, and later open Newsblur on my android, the articles that were previously marked as read show up on the Android phone as new. What do I need to do to fix the issue?

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I use three or four different desktops, an iPad, and an Android in the course of a day. Sometimes more than one at a time. Newsblur nearly always gets the synchronization right. What I have seen on the Android is that, on app startup, it sometimes requires a kick from me … an explicit refresh request on my part … in order to get it in the game. Just starting up the app seems to not always cause it to refresh itself. This is on an old Android version (2.4 iirc) on an original HTC Evo that will not run the latest Android releases. Perhaps you have a similarly old version.

I test this sync pattern regularly, by reading on web and then refreshing Android. Are you running the latest Android version?