Read articles show up as unread


This morning, many of my feeds are showing as unread going back to 19 July. The interesting thing is, the unread counts in the lefthand folder/feed window seem pretty much correct.

I’m attaching a screenshot that shows, for example, Toothpaste for Dinner showing 1 new item in the sidebar, whereas in the article window, it’s showing multiple unread items.

If I click on an individual feed, it shows all articles, though the unread articles in bold seems correct.


This same thing was happening to me today! The same date too, July 19 (and 20th).

I think I figured out why this is happening: I had changed my preferences to “Oldest” from “Newest first”, so NewsBlur seems to go back in the past searching for articles (rather than just displaying the oldest new articles first, which is what I assumed this preference would do).

As soon as I changed it back to “Newest first”, this behavior stopped, and I’m only seeing articles from today.

Yep, switching back to newest first fixes it for me as well. Back to oldest first, broken again.

This is an unfortunate result of having to ship less than 2 weeks after I wrote the feature. The problem is that there are thousands of users with millions of feeds to take care of, so I can’t sync all of them. Those stories should fall away over the next few days. If not, then I’ll have to figure out why. I just changed the bottom bounds for Oldest-first last night, from your mark_as_read date to 2 weeks ago. But that means some stories such as these can slip through. I’ll be looking into it.

By the way, I just synced both of your accounts. Let me know if it’s fixed. It definitely should be.

Old stuff’s still showing up for me:

Poor Fred Willard - had to repeat *that* news cycle. :slight_smile:

Set to “Newest first”, I see two unread articles, and those are the only things that show up in Everything (nothing older).

When I change it to “Oldest”, I see a ton of old articles (that weren’t there before) in Everything, bold and unread, although according to my folders I don’t have any actual unread item (see the image below–the two I mentioned above were visible and marked as read, that is why they are gone now).

It seems that to get to the newer ones, I’d have to scroll all the way through everything from July 19–today.

Strangely, not only does shift-a not work, but even if I manually go to “Mark as Read” everything older than one day, they don’t go away…

I am seeing this problem as well. In addition some of my feeds have articles that will not show until I choose “all stories”. For example, Planet IF:

And then if I switch to all stories:

Sometimes it is not just the last story or stories – I had two articles “hiding” in another feed from two days ago.

(This also reminds me of something else: the story currently being looked at should probably persist through a change in ordering/unread options – otherwise it’s pretty easy to lose a story or two.)

This is now pretty much happening for me in every feed. I’m just going to have to leave Newsblur alone for a little while.

OK, I’m backing out the change to Oldest-first and now it will continue to use your mark_as_read date, which is confusing to some, but it seems that there’s a bug that’s showing old stories inadvertently (and that I was not able to reproduce on my local machine, so i can’t get it fixed immediately).

I’m having the same issue. In my case there are articles in the Consumerist feed that I KNOW I read yesterday but show up as unread today with yesterday’s date.

There may be others, but that is what I’ve noticed so far today.