Quick unsubscribe option

The post UI should have an “unsubscribe from this feed” button or menu option. I just read an an announcement that my favorite author is leaving one of the blogs that I read, and I now no longer want to be subscribed to that blog. I took a quick look for how to unsubscribe from the feed/post view and didn’t see it. Does it already exist? Might it get added at some point?

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I’ve done a little more looking, and I can’t seem to find an unsubscribing option anywhere. I remember seeing a list when I upgraded to Premium but now have no idea where to look.

I never liked calling it “Unsubscribe”. I called it “Delete” instead. Just right-click on a feed (or click the arrow icon) and you should see it, along with a number of other handy options.

Thanks for the quick response Samuel!

Those are very cool options, I’m just not used to getting access to items by right-clicking in a web app. I was also expecting to see it in the actual post body. I like the way you did it better though.

AWESOME application!