Put feed in multiple folders (tags?)

In Google Reader I had most feeds in multiple folders. Upon import to NewsBlur I see that a feed can only be in a single folder.

I’d like to be able to have a feed in multiple folders without having to re-create the feed in the second folder, which I have found seems to be the recommended process in another topic.

Being able to put a feed in multiple folders seems preferable to me as I can manage it in a single place, don’t have to unsubscribe in multiple places if I decide to remove a feed, and the number of feeds I actually subscribe to is correct (1,500+). I almost always read by folder, not feed, unless I’m catching up on a particular site, so this has severely limited my preferred method of reading.

An alternative may be to “tag” a feed and be able to view feeds by tag instead of or in addition to folders.


You actually can - someone asked the same over here: [https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…]. I actually tripped over figuring out that it worked myself when I imported my feeds.

tl;dr version: “add” the new feed to the second folder. When you look at it in either folder, it’ll sync the count. I had a feed in three different folders, and it kept up. (My GReader was a mess.)