Psychology Today feed duplicates every post.

I’m seeing every post come up twice. A failure of the duplicate checker?

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So I don’t keep you hanging, I’m investigating this one. It’s a very curious edge case that may hold some clues into other feeds with duplicates. Notice that all of the duplicates are between different URLs (my.psychology vs. www.psycology) and that the first few stories are never duplicated, but eventually will be. Very, very curious.

I’ve also noticed that almost every (if not all) items at some point show up as being an update. As your diff icon will show up in the right top of the item. I have no idea what the people over at PT are doing with their feeds.

Having invalid feeds should be fine. NewsBlur gracefully handles a metric ton of possible error cases, including duplicate content with changing IDs/GUIDs. In this case, I’m not able to reproduce the error case, as every story is going through correctly. But I have some hunches, so I placed some extra logging in the code to find the culprit.