Provide a way to send a gift subscription to someone

I’ve been having conversations with a few peers about how they are keeping informed about technology and such. It seems like a common refrain is that Facebook and Twitter are presenting “the same articles over and over again” more frequently lately.

I’d love to be able to gift an annual sub to someone (multiple people) that I know would get the full value of the Premium version; but would find the Free sample lacking.

This would need to be for the first year only; where the user would have to renew on their own card at the end of the term.

Any interval of time would be fine, I’m sure if it were six months you’d see a lot of use of this kind of feature.

I’d want to be able to do this by typing in someone’s email address and confirming a one-time payment (the person shouldn’t be required to already have an account.)

Maybe just a token that we can send to a friend for 90 days of pro?


Yeah, I’d certainly like to give someone (several someones, actually) a subscription without, you know, setting up an account for them.

Would you just expect it to be a single year of a gift subscription? Ongoing? Allow you to choose? Actively manage it in your account?

Naively, I’d want/expect to:

  • pay a one-time yearly (or maybe 6 month) fee outright
  • get a link (or code)
  • ask the person to click the link, which would ask them to set up an account.

That account would then have the $X subscription credit applied which doesn’t renew automatically.

If they get value, they can add payment information before expiry.