Provide a URL to open feeds in try mode.

It would be good to have a link to open feeds in NewsBlur and possibly subscribe to them. Something like:
This will allow people to teach their browsers about NewsBlur and more easily subscribe to feeds through there.

When visiting a feed in Firefox it will show subscribe options on top. You can change or add feed readers there, through about:config, by adding a URL where %s will be exchanged for the feed URL.

Through extensions Google Chrome can easily be made to support RSS feeds and a Firefox like subscribing option. I use Google’s RSS Subscription Extension for this. Here too a URL with the %s substitute van be used.
In my mind, this should give a view like the try options on the NewsBlur dashboard. This way people have an easy way to check out the feed and subscribe to it.
Might be added, to give people the ability to skip the try view.

With URLs like this available people could easily make bookmarklets as well, making NewsBlur much more accessible from anywhere in the browser.


Just realised the following could be found at goodies:
This opens the ‘add’ option with the URL field set to %s. I’d still like an option to open a URL in try mode though.

Just so you know, I took this feedback and wrote it into the social branch. It’ll actually be a bit easier than having to forge a url. Every time you click on a feed, the address will change, and you can then pass that address to others. If they don’t already subscribe, it’ll load as a “Try”.

Thanks for the idea!