Problems with the code

Most of my feed are in russian language.
i can’t read them now, smth wrong with the code.
i see only ??? instead if texts


The issue seems to be that Newsblur ignores the encoding attribute in the XML header for the feeds.

For me, it treats a feed with the <?xml version="1.0" encoding="shift_jis"?> header like it were ISO-8859-1, mangling the text.

what should i do?
(however, it’s only desktop problem, cause on ipad i can read everything)

Nothing we can do, I’m afraid, it needs to be fixed in Newsblur itself.

hope Newsblur team will notice my post!

Have either of you tried the dev channel? This might be something that is already fixed at

dev is the one I use daily, problem persists there.

same thing there