Problem with video playback in browser with latest beta

Can’t play Devour videos in app with latest beta.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Download beta
  • Subscribe to Devour
  • Display one article and tap on it to load it in the browser
  • Play the video
    -> a blank background is displayed.
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This problem still occurs in the released version (4.0). This is really annoying…

This problem not only occurs with the Devour site. I tried going from the NME feed to this page: same problem.

I’d love to have this fixed. Not being able to watch videos from the app is a major problem…

Wait a minute, thought this was something else. I haven’t heard of this before. Can you show a screenshot of it happening?

I’ve made a video of the bug:

This is done with the latest beta (downloaded a few hours ago).

Hope this helps!


Downloaded the latest release, the problem is still around, exactly as shown in the vidéo :frowning:

I get this too, it’s on any site viewed in the built in browser with a youtube video. I just open it in chrome or safari.