Problem with Tech Report Articles feed.

Mentioned in title feed ( does not work properly. NewsBlur doesn’t display its content. Instead is displayed.

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So do you have an example of what’s wrong?… looks good to me.

NewsBlur displays wrong feed as Techreport Articles( If you look at source of and source of feed both downloaded for example by wget or curl you see that NewsBlur displays news.rss not article.rss. There is other problem[1] with feeds from so when compare sources with NewsBlur view of feed you must scroll to source feed item with title “Nvidia to host 24-hour PC gaming event on September 18”


They both look correct.……

I compared both to their feeds and they are both working well.

They have wrong content.
Some screnshots:

  1. feed viewed in RssOwl app:
  2. Articles feed in NewsBlur:
  3. News feed in NewsBlur:
  4. in RssOwl app:
    As you can see on screenshot 1 articles.rss contains mostly hardware review articles as his name suggests. On screnshots 2, 3, 4 is News feed with news and articles mixed together. Only difference is time of last update. Properly 1 and 2 should have same content.

It’s their feed. They are changing titles and the articles are too short for newsblur to de-dupe.

I don’t know how NewsBlur works internaly but and are different feeds with different content with small overlap (2 articles on 20 articles in news feed in last 3 days). Articles feed looks like is now populated with feed items from other feed(news.rss) and his own feed items. This is incorrect. Maybe some time in future this situation be corrected. Feedly for example doesn’t have this problem:

  1. articles feed:
  2. news feed:
    Anyway thanks for information.