Problem with National Hurricane Center's Feed

The Atlantic’s NHC Feed (…) errors out anytime that there is an image in it. Since there is only an image in that feed when there is an active hurricane, that effectively means the feed fails when it matters most. I noticed this last year, during the last named storm so I didn’t manage to report it in time. Since there is a named storm now (Ana) you can see the error in action.

Weirdly, NewsBlur reports a 500 error. However, when I manually load the feed I get a 200 status and no obvious errors.

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Tropical Storm Bill is active right now and this error is still occurring. Feed is showing 500 error in Newsblur, and working fine in my browser.

So I tried to get this working but it comes down to the fact that the feed does not validate:

My feed parser is based on the same parser used for that validator and it just doesn’t like how the GML is being given. I wish it would just ignore the GML and give you the content instead, but that would break other things if I just disable that part of the parser.

The answer is to send that link to NOAA, which I have just done and will re-post here if I hear back from them.

Thank you for looking into this.

Got a response:

Hello Sam,
Thank you for contacting the National Hurricane Center.  We’ll look into this and hopefully have a fix in place by the next storm.

Best Regards,

David ZelinskyMeteorologist / Programmer
National Hurricane Center

I just want to say a huge thank you! Due to your amazing work this issue is now fixed!

Excellent, I’ll let David at the NHC know.