Problem when trying to email a story

When trying to email using an email client the following error is received: 414. That’s an error.

The requested URL /mail/… is too large to process. That’s all we know.


OK, I just added a manual email link to the Email Story dialog. If this happens again, you can use the manual link, which will open the email in your email client, with all the fields (to, subject, and message) filled in.

I get this error too, and I like the manual dialog, however, it doesn’t seem to let me add multiple To: addresses or cc’s. Anyway around this? Thanks!

Thanks for the idea. You can now specify multiple emails in the To: field. See this commit for the details:…

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I might just be dumb - I can’t find an ‘email this story’ button anywhere.

Nor can I! Was it removed?

same problem – cant find it

must have been removed? don’t see it on dev even.

Right click on the story title and it’s in the menu.