Problem regarding saving stories (web and android)


I noticed 3 annoyances that I wanted to share.
Maybe some of them can be fixed in an upcoming release :wink:

If I hit s (for save) in the web application I can’t instantly add some tags.
The input field is secretly added at the end of the story (often out of sight for long stories).

I am not sure what solution I would prefer.
Maybe auto-scroll to the tag field and set focus appropriate - or maybe the tag-field should be more like a popup dialog?

A second problem I have found is that the window with suggested tags
is only shown partly because it ends with the bottom border of the browser window
(so one can only see the first few entries - see screenshot).

A third problem I noticed in the android app.
If I save a story there, it is created without any tags (not even the folders).


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For the first problem, I don’t have a keyboard shortcut that puts you into tag editing mode. Not yet anyway.

The second problem is fair, although I thought that was handled automatically by the autocomplete script. I’ll take a look.

The third issue will be resolved soon enough. Search and tagging are both coming to iOS and android soon.

Thanks for your quick reply.

Let me try to be more precise with my first problem:

I use tags for EVERY story I save because this is the way how to find them later on (and also to control whether “ifttt” should transfer them to twitter, pocket and so on).

Short stories are no problem: I hit s to save the story and the tag input field appears underneath.

Bug if the text of the story fills the whole space then - after hitting s - the tag input field appears secretly added at the end of the story. If you don’t know it (or don’t scroll down) you don’t even notice it. (This is very often the case because I only read the first few paragraphs and may decide to read the complete story later -> so I save it (and have not scrolled down to the end yet)).

But even if you have read the whole story and have already scrolled down to the end it still is a little bit awkward:

So yes, for many users this may be a minor problem. Even for me it is just an inconvenience. But maybe you can improve the behavior if time permits.