Previous Read show unread (multiple feeds)

I’m creating this as a new topic because I didn’t see anything that addressed it in my scan of older topics.

The issue is with Ghost read items not going away, but I was able to identify it specifically when the same story appears in multiple feeds… So, for a real world example, I subscribe to Ars Technica. I had tried subscribing to a few of the individual topic feeds, instead of the overall feed. There are some articles that overlap, being posted in multiple feeds. If you mark one read and the other instances are still unread the app will get stuck on the article… but marking it read still reduces the unread counts each time. This has the side effect that other articles are inaccessible until you navigate back up to the top level of the folder and back down, forcing a refresh of the counts.

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I have a fix for this in the works. I hope it’ll launch soon, but it could potentially break things.