Premium Subscription 0 history?

I just bought NewsBlur $36 plan but as soon as I marked all my unread as read I can no longer see the feeds, is this only available in the $99 plan now?

I was using Newsblur free and I had a historical not sure if all went away because I subscribed…maybe there is an issue with my account, and/or because this feature is only available in the $99 plan. I follow very common tech feeds.

If it is only available there, can I be refunded? Looking at a few days-old feed articles is very important to me.

cc: @samuelclay

The Archive Premium tier only gives you an unlimited history. Your feeds are visible by changing the bottom menu from “Unread Only” to “All Sites”. It’s the control at the bottom of the feed list. but nothing goes away if you don’t purchase premium archive, you just get more stories and unlimited unreads.

Hello Samuel,

There is nothing in All Stories for a particular folder or All Stories with the “All” filter. See the attachment.

Attached are the 3 screenshots with what I see and some of the feeds I follow which are very common.



I think this is a layer 8 issue, after playing around there is another unread filter within folders that I may have missed.

See screenshot:

Samuel -

With Premium Archive upgrade will I see old articles by my feed sources that I’ve never seen before (like 2 or more years old)? Or just older articles I’ve previously seen here, but old enough they are no longer visible with the regular Premium subscription? I’m trying to understand the benefit in that regard to upgrading from Premium to Premium Archive. Thanks.

If you upgrade to premium archive, you may see more stories as NewsBlur backfills in the archive if the site supports it. Many sites do, since WordPress ships with archive support built in. You can also mark any story, no matter how old, as unread.