Premium not applied to account

I have an account that does not have premium applied to it.

I haven’t used this website in a while, and I’m pretty sure this is the correct username and e-mail that I used when first using Newsblur. There is a low chance this is for another account that I don’t remember, as I was experimenting with news services when I first signed up.

I received a cancellation e-mail on April 18th, which makes me think my premium was only for a month instead of a year. I didn’t receive a new re-subscription e-mail on the date below, which is odd.

username: schlicker

Hi, I’d love to help but I can’t find your account. Care to share the email associated or potential other names? Alternatively, reply to the payment receipt and I can find your account that way. is my e-mail. I have a payment receipt type e-mail from March 2021 for my first year of premium, but nothing from March 2022. I have a one month cancellation warning (19 March 2022) and an expiration e-mail (18 April 2022).

My credit card has charges for one year of premium in March 2022.

Oh boy, I don’t know what happened in your case, but it’s a new issue because it’s an android renewal. we’re working on getting it fixed for everybody, but for now, I took care of your account manually. Thanks for subscribing on Android!

Thanks, the premium is applied.

@schlickler I will be looking into this for any issues. Is it correct to assume that you were using the latest Android version from Play Store at that time?