Premium expiry incorrect?

I renewed premium in 2017-07 for $24. I expected this to be for one year. However, the expiry in my account states that it expires in 2019-07. It seems like there’s an extra year added to my subscription.

It’s from a bug I fixed three weeks ago. Enjoy your free year!


Hey, I just want to let you know that it seemed to have just happened to me now. I’m a new premium user as of yesterday, charged once, with two years of premium status attributed to my account.


Interestingly, it still tried to charge me on my regular renewal date at my grandfathered rate of $24. It didn’t go through since the card presumably expired.

I tried renewing through PayPal at $36. After paying, the expiry date remained the same in 2019-07 and most past stripe payments in the history appeared to be duplicated.