Premium Cost?

Is a premium account 1 or 2 or 3 dollars a month? The front page of the site says 1 dollar a month, but when I sign in its says 2 or 3, no 1? I also keep getting a message saying free accounts are disabled, but then it lets me in…

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I signed up for a free account today, and can get in just fine, but the disabled message comes up when I first log in, so it doesn’t seem to stop me thou, can browse me imported feeds just fine.

Forcing new user to pay a different amount than what is advertised is rude, not my fault google is killing off google reader.

If they don’t want new sign ups then they just need to disable sign ups.

Odd, maybe free isn’t disabled any more then? But why then would it say so?

I can definitely see where you’re coming from with the price. I only just found the site again myself, been here before but didn’t like it, was reminded by seeing it named as a replacement for reader and with some of the changes made and now iOS apps I’ll probably be switching here from Netvibes which I currently use (nice site but no iOS apps just a half decent mobile site and no api). I personally wouldn’t mind going for the 2 dollar a month option, if it was actually 2 dollars a month that is, don’t feel like spending 24 dollars right now, would definitely go for 12 though…

Here’s his official Tweet from yesterday.…

I’ll answer this as I’ve seen the answers on twitter.

Free accounts are disabled at the moment in the sense that you can’t create a new one at the moment, people who already have one can of course still use them.

Premium accounts cost 1, 2 or 3 dollars a month, or more specifically 12, 24 or 26 dollars a year (since you actually pay it all at once). It doesn’t matter how much you pay you still get the same features, it’s just left up to you to decide how much the service is worth to you.

Just like free accounts the 1 dollar option is currantly disabled, both of these are to somewhat stem the current surge in new people registering due to the announced death of Google Reader, I’m sure Samuel would love to let everyone in but the surge has slowed down the site.