Premium account upgrade failed

My premium account upgrade failed. I have the paypal email confirmation but my account is still free - what should I do?


There appears to be some issues with premium upgrades at the moment, quite a few other reports floating around.

Samuel is probably still sleeping right now but if you advise your username he can investigate when he’s back at it.

Cool beans - jos3000

Same issue - gkelly

Same issue - pdurlej

Mine too - jonnberg

Same here - MattWarner

Same issue - jenwagn

Same here - kmz

I’m not sure if this is required to get attention for this issue, but it definitely couldn’t hurt if people experiencing this issue clicked on the “+1” button (which indicates that you have the same problem).


Same issue/

Same issue - MissPhoenix

Had this issue too, paid and didn’t get upgraded. - jbloom

Same here, paid for premium and my account still shows as free in both and oliviamwoods.

To be clear - looks like the upgrade worked, but the left pane shows “Everything on its way” with the progress bar spinning.

Failed as well. newswaynehusted

Same - wookiee

Same issue, posted separately because I did not see this. I also have a paypal confirmation.

Username is projectswatch.

same here - miemonster

Same issue - jingoro