Premium account feeds no longer updating

I stopped receiving new headlines on my feeds yesterday afternoon. Seeing as how I have 100+ feeds I track with my premium account, it’s highly unusual (if not realistically impossible) not to see a single new headline in almost 24 hours. Seeing this on iPhone app, iPad app and desktop PC. Is there an outage?

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Nope, nothing is amiss. You tagged this across all three products: web, iOS, and android. Are you only using one or did you check all three?

Also, right-click on any random feed and go to Statistics. That will show you when the feed was last updated. It’s possible you are in Focus mode. Switch it on the bottom left of the web app.

I’m having a similar issue with a good chunk of my feeds – and oddly, I can’t check statistics even for those feeds that are updating regularly; it just hangs while attempting to pull up the info.

Kady, reload the web app and try again. You shouldn’t have any issues loading Statistics.