Preference to disable "mark newer stories as read" on the website

I love Newsblur and have been using it daily ever since the Google Reader apocalypse.

The only thing that trips me up from time to time is that I sometimes hit “mark newer stories as read” by accident, when I meant to do “mark older stories as read”, and I haven’t figured out a way to recover from such a mistake.

I can’t really imagine why I would ever actually want to “mark newer stories as read”, so I’d love to have a preference to just disable that menu option entirely! Thanks for the consideration.


People use both options regularly to clear off stories that they’ve scrolled past or just aren’t going to scroll past. Folks are all over with regards to using these two. But how about switching to the keyboard shortcut? shift+b and shift+y are what you want and they aren’t next to each other. Hit ‘?’ to see all of the shortcuts.

Just did this again on my phone. Tried to force quit the app in time but no luck. I’d really love an option to kill it forever

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Here’s an option for the website.
Go in to your account settings and go to the Custom CSS/javascript tab. In Custom CSS paste the following, save, and reload.

.NB-menu-manage li.NB-menu-manage-story-mark-read-newer{ display:none; }

That will hide the marke newer as read button in the menu. 

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