Posts to Facebook fail

When I try to post a link from NewsBlur to Facebook, NewsBlur directs to the Facebook app, but nothing happens, no post window opens in either Facebook or NewsBlur. I’ve doubled-checked to make sure NewsBlur has the appropriate permissions - it does. I’m using an iPhone 4S, latest version of iOS, all apps up-to-date, and no other issues with either app.

Thank you.

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I’m still having this issue with iOS 6.

Are you using the NewsBlur share button for Facebook when sharing a story, or using the “Send to” menu in the Original view that uses the FB app?

What’s your username? You might need to re-authorize Facebook. Were you on dev? A few dev users connected before NewsBlur asked for the correct posting permissions, so I’d be getting a permission denied error, but I’d need your username to look for that error.