"Pop out" the audio player?

The default audio player is great! It makes my podcast RSS feeds easy to navigate and all that. BUT. Sometimes I like to put on a podcast and then continue to read other feeds, but when I navigate to another folder, the audio stops! Bummer.

Any chance to get the media player to pop out into a small independent window so I could navigate away from my podcast feed but still listen to the audio?


Good question. It would be easy enough to create a fake popup window that has what you want. I’ll add it to the priority list, but I’m going out of town all next week. I recommend you periodically bump this thread to get folks to vote on it.

I download my podcasts, but i can definitely see how this would be useful for some people. So i’ll bump the thread :slight_smile:

middle mouse button on the d/l link will put the podcast into a new tab in chrome

A great things, but with much more works, would be a complete podcast gestion that save where we stops listening a podcast to continue it later. And working also with the mobile app.