Poor scroll performance in stories


Just wanted to report an issue that is annoying me a bit lately. I’m experiencing really poor scroll performance whenever I enter a story. Everything is fine and buttery in both feed and article lists, but it gets messy when I try to read something in-app. Toggling to text-mode (inside story mode) makes it even worse.

I’m using the latest iOS 9 with a iPhone 6S.

Thanks a lot!

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Ditto in Google Chrome for Linux.

Ray — please post somewhere else (and if you can, see if you have the same problem in other browsers or without extensions enabled); Bruno’s report is specifically about the iOS app, which shares no code with the Web app.

Bruno — I have an iPhone 6s too and don’t notice any problems.  Are there particular feeds where you notice it more?  (newsblur.com/site/XXX URLs preferred, which you can get from the desktop app). 

Same goes for you Ray, what sites is the slow performance happening on? All apps should be buttery smooth, so it helps to know which story specifically is slowing things down.

I’ve had this issue in the past as well, and none of the updates have fixed it.  It doesn’t seem confined to one feed, but I would say the ZeroHedge feed (http://www.zerohedge.com/rss.xml) is the major culprit.

I’ve noticed that scrolling gets progressively worse the longer I use the app. What fixes it for me is to force close the app. When I restart it, it’s back to being “buttery smooth.” iPhone 6s, latest version of iOS 9 and Newsblur.