Poor new user experience

Forcing me to go through the import process and approve access to my Google Reader account and THEN telling me that your quota of free accounts is surpassed is a shitty customer experience. I will be trying other competitors before considering another look at NewsBlur.


Not quite a poor user experience, there. Anyway, the paywall is extremely leaky on purpose, so you now have a free account. Go ahead and try everything out. I plan on changing how new accounts work as soon as I finish up my scaling plans.

I sort of agree with anon on this, although I would not describe it in those terms.

I am a new user, as of three days ago, and had intended to go for the FREE option, as advertised on the NewsBlur home page, but that was really just to explore it for a while… I was happy to sign as a Premium user.

All the same, I was slightly put out when I discovered that, due to increased demand, free accounts were not being offered. This is not what is promised on the home page. Not a big deal for me, but I can understand some people feeling cheated.