Plex RSS Feed - Slow Updating

I have noticed for last few months that the Plex rss feed at always updates about 30 days too late on Newsblur.

Site settings in Newsblur shows it checks every hour, but I’ve never gotten a post that quickly. Today I received a post from June 27. I don’t have this issue with any site as far as I’ve noticied so I am wondering if a unique problem? It says 742 subscribers, so hopefully someone else can chime in if they have the same problem?

Looks correct to me. If you look at the feed, all of the dates match up with what NewsBlur has:

It’s possible the bug is on their side, as they may not be setting the stories to public until a month later. I’m not sure what’s going on but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to shoot them a short email with a link to this thread. Webmasters are often pretty open to hearing about when their site doesn’t work.