Please read this before posting!!

If you’re about to post about Newsblur being slow, or not updating, or imported feeds not coming in, or feeds being limited, or anything related to that, please take a breath first.

The little hamsters in the newsblur server room are currently trying to load 8 times as many sites as it usually does (check the site stats on the front page).

Sam, the guy who basically single-handedly created and runs this show, got as much notice about Reader shutting down as you all did: None.

He tried to fix stuff up last night.

More people joined this morning.

Now the servers are choking or exploding.

He said yesterday that NB saw 15x its normal daily traffic in only 1/4 of a day. A heck of a lot of growth in not enough time to respond to it.

I’m sure he’ll be awaking up soon after the insane late night he had and will start getting things in working order then.
If you want to spam f5 on something, watch the commit logs for an update:…


News Flash: Github brought to it’s knees by disgruntled GReader refugees.

hahaha! At least they currently have more server capacity than NB does :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this though. I just signed up myself, and my 126 feeds have been “on it’s way” for a few hours now. Good to know it’s not just that I did something wrong.

Bump! he’s awake. and please, no need for new threads until we get an all clear that problems should be solved!

…and check out for updates as Samuel works on things.


Bump! Everything’s broken, please be patient!

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Honestly with the influx of people looking for a life raft (yes I am one of them) I am surprised Sam hasn’t “lost it” since pretty much every article I have seen has been point us here.

From what I have seen I can wait for things to settle down (the upgrade went through fine so not worried).

Bumping back up to the top. :slight_smile:

Bumping back up to the top. :slight_smile:

Here are the three top news sources combined:…

Btw., GitHub also provides an Atom feed, which you can import into NewsBlur. :wink:

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Let’s also link here, the new frontend that is running on a different server and is hence less overloaded.

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bump for the morning. NB seems actually usable for me today, but please still be patient as there is a continuing influx of new people for the whole system to handle!

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Thread needs to be bumped again.


I’m so happy NB seems to be up & running again. I’ve been a paid user since October ans love NB … but I was FREAKING OUT at not being able to read blogs yesterday!!!

Extra bump, and a huge THANK YOU to Sam for running such an awesome service, especially under such insane conditions!

BUMP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bumping :slight_smile: