Please make unread counts consistent

This is now the most infuriating part of using NewsBlur for me, so even though you probably know about this, I’m reporting it explicitly. Inconsistent unread counts give me the feeling that NewsBlur is flaky and unreliable, and given all the work put into the rest of it, I think that’s a shame.

I read (nearly) exclusively with the “All [Site] Stories” feed, and on the Web site in the Split view with the Sites sidebar hidden. The unread count is almost never consistent between the contents of All Stories, the gray-dot/ghostly centered number and the individual feeds/folders, particularly in the iOS app but also on the Web site.

This is a functional, not just a cosmetic problem. When the unread count doesn’t match the number of articles remaining, tapping NEXT in the iOS app causes it to spin while trying to retrieve that last unread article. Often there are articles that don’t show up in All Stories but do show up if I dig into the individual folders/sites; no amount of refreshing in the iOS app seems to fix this (not that refreshing should be necessary at all). I also have the bad feeling that from time to time I’m losing articles which are getting marked as read but never shown to me.

I’d prefer that NewsBlur not ever display an incorrect unread count; prefer to display nothing. When loading the Web site, for example, I’ll see 7 unread articles replaced by 0 a few seconds later. There’s no point in getting my hopes up!

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