Please get rid of new second line in the titles section

This really sucks for the reading experience


Preferences -> Feeds -> Story Content Preview lets you turn it off.


Works for me :slight_smile:

Bingo … thanks


My display is saying everything twice. My display is saying everything twice.

Thanks for the tip on the cure for this, but I am curious what requirement this feature meets?

It displays the first line of the content, which in that particular feed seems to be the same as the title.

No, I see what it does. My contention is that most feeds … or at least most of mine … use the first line for the title. Sure I can turn it off, but it got me to wondering what feeds (are the titles so cryptic?) generated the requirement in the first place. Call it a personal curiosity if you want. Is my set of feeds so different from the norm that this was a good idea? Perhaps that is what generates my question. Samuel can tell is in a couple weeks, just how many

… people have turned it off. Most I would think.

Only 5 of my 60 feeds do that, and I quite like this new feature.

Still, it might be common enough to be worth handling as a special case, I guess?

You think wrong, in my case. I very much appreciate the new feature.

Ok, just shipped an update to not show the story preview if it’s the same as the content (just checks the first 30 characters).