Please fix Softpedia feeds

Softpedia feeds are *still* not working.



Looks fine to me:

Apples to oranges.

Also, the feed populated fine initially, then stopped updating. NewsBlur reports no errors; there’s just no new content. Ever.

Yep, just as I thought. The feed doesn’t validate:….

Let the publisher know so that they can fix the issues.

My apologies. That’s a tool I should have known about. I’ll let them know.


No apologies necessary! I should’ve introduced that validator into the statistics dialog so you would’ve known automatically.

That sounds extremely useful.

Would it also be possible to pull broken feeds a little closer to the core UI/UX? Currently, I have hundreds of feeds, and every once in a great while I remember to go select “All” instead of “Unread”. (Every few months, usually.)

There’s inevitably at least one feed that doesn’t work any more, and it’s been failing in the background because it wasn’t updated that often to begin with, so I didn’t notice the radio silence…

This has been brought up before, and my answer is to voice this when the Organizer launches. You can see it at > Manage > Organizer. I’m thinking that will have a “broken” section. But I’m not sure I need people to perform cleanup whenever a feed breaks. Many do break and they get automatically fixed.

The breakage I get is usually because a blog’s been deleted, someone switched to a new CMS with all-new feed names, an account of some sort has been made “private”, or various other items that kill the content source dead, or at least dead-ish.

Today’s fix was for an author who no longer has a column for a certain newsmedia outlet (apparently)…

I still can’t get in touch with these jokers. Is there any chance of a work-around?

Sam? Any chance of a workaround?