Please don't intercept right-click on article titles

Yup, works perfectly now. Thanks again!

Thank you Samuel for another great work!

Thanks so much for this. Being able to right-click story titles has fixed my #1 grumble about NewsBlur.

Coming from Google Reader, the right click intercept bugged me at first too, but now I found I’ve gotten used to it, and like it as a feature to quickly email or save stories.

I do like that it’s now a preference you can turn on or off though, but I think for now, I’ll leave the right click intercept on. Weird how one adjusts after awhile.


It’s in my muscle memory to right click and open a new tab, and this trips me up daily. Don’t break my browser.


Thanks for all the feedback. When this originally came up I had very ittle time to do anything but infrastructure work. Thankfully, that’s behind me now, so I have implemented a preference to turn off NewsBlur’s context menus on folders, feeds, and story titles in both the Full and List view. Enjoy!

Here’s the commit:…