Please add "shake to undo" to the iOS app

Today I swiped a site marking it as read. I don’t know which one was it, and if I could “shake to undo” (like I can on many other apps) It would let me reverse this:)

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I didn’t even know it was possible to swipe on a site to do this, probably because I keep all of my folders collapsed most of the time.

I agree undo would be great, though not exactly trivial to implement. It would probably mean the app would have to keep around exactly which stories had previously been marked unread, and NewsBlur probably needs an API call (something like /reader/mark_story_hashes_as_unread to match the existing mark_story_hashes_as_read) for that rather than sending multiple ‘mark as unread’ requests.

You can disable the swipe gestures in Preferences if you find yourself doing this frequently accidentally, in the meantime.