Please add more large font sizes used in topic list and article

The biggest topic list and article font size for NewsBlur iPhone App is small.
It’s hard to read, especially for me.

Please add more large font sizes to help reading easily.

Thank you very much



In general, having a long thin list item as the click target makes for an uncomfortable UX on a touch device. I’d encourage you to look at having the list of folders/feeds be more like a grid of square click targets, like the iPhone home screen is with apps.

This crops up in other places in the app too, such as the menus that come out of the gear icons.

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I disagree about square icons. NewsBlur is not a dashboard of apps, it’s a list of sites. Anyway, I’m investigating the option for larger font sizes, but it requires some pretty drastic changes that are just not prioritized right now. We’ll see if more people request it.

I’m not saying that NewsBlur is a dashboard of apps – just want to point out that given a group of things to click on, the user experience is less than ideal when the target areas are thin, because it’s too easy to “fat-finger” and hit the item above or below the one you’re aiming for.

Apple solved that problem for the app dashboard by having the targets be roughly finger-shaped, and putting a fair amount of space between the targets. Dropdown lists present a similar problem, and Apple solved it there with the slot-machine looking thing, where you drag around the possible options underneath a selected “area”.

So I’m not trying to say that it should be turned into an app dashboard or whatever. I just want an easier way of picking an individual folder or feed without having to think about exactly where I’m tapping, and hoping that the car I’m in doesn’t hit a bump right when I tap so I miss it and have to go back and try to tap the right one again.

(As for the number of requests for something like this – my hunch is that this kind of UX tweak is not something that people will consciously think about improving.)

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I personally have quite some trouble with reading the message list and tags on the iOS apps. I really hope he will do something about it.

Before I saw this post, I posted a question about this subject:…

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+1 I’m holding out on subscription because my eyes hurts reading those tiny fonts on the topic lists and articles.

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+1 Hitting Newsblur with a 13" laptop and the topic list fronts are really pretty small. While the browser zoom feature helps, sometimes the site doesn’t seem to like it (scroll gets unhappy, getting more topics seems grumpy when zoomed, etc).

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I agree…bigger fonts are a MUST!!!

not sure if this was addressed, i see font size options in the app but they are still too small for my taste, i’d like a bigger headline font, with an option not to show any details.

Not addressed sufficiently yet. The larger font option (17pt) is still very small for those who don’t have perfect vision. Hopefully Samuel will fix this soon as the iOS app is now really good, and this is the only let down in day to day use (for me and likely others on this thread).

Can you post a screenshot of what exactly you want to see bigger?


I’d like to be able to have all the text that is on white background in the attached screenshot in a larger font size. This would be a big readability improvement for some/many.