plans for offline mode in iPhone app?

Would love you even more, if this will get in! :slight_smile:

What if you could send articles to a read-it-later service like Pocket/Readability/Instapaper on a schedule, or per feed or per label/folder?

Some sort of UI that generates a cron job or something:
Every 24 hours send the first 50 stories from the “tech” folder that are focused/liked to Pocket.

I have three tabs open in my browser: this support thread and two tabs on Core Data, which is the data model needed for offline in iOS. It’s coming soon, I hope.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a developer.

I read some article about Core Data totally being busted for syncing. If it doesn’t work well, peoples will be mad. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

+1 to offline mode. Offline use is pretty much my number one use of RSS, for reading on the tube.

Frankly, it wouldn’t have been bad to mention this a little bit more prominent, same for the 14 days cut-off. Amazing how many reviewers have forgotten to mention those tiny details.
That way the iOS apps appear to be no more than (well designed) web apps for something built on RSS, not on par with feed readers proper.

This would be a fantastic add and make Newblur the hands-down favorite!

I know this particular post is about the iPhone app, but I’d also love to see it for Android!!!

FYI, the beta version of Newsrob for Newsblur supports full offline + mobilizer support, so those of you wanting Newsblur + offline on Android should go check it out. It’ll be hitting Play at some point soon.

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I too would like something like this, give me an option to pre-fetch up to x articles, all of them, etc.


I think this is pretty important…for Android too.


How about just getting the developer of Reeder onboard?


Since you all asked, this feature is now in beta and I’m shipping it out to a few testers this weekend. Soon, everybody.