PinBoard support in ios v2 app

Seems to be missing.

Has this been Removed permanently?



Yeah, I plan to add it if enough users ask for it. But it wasn’t being used.

Please add it. I am using the workaround to post to Pinbaord via Mail, but direct support would be great.

I was using Send to Pinboard regularly in the iOS app (thankfully it’s still there in the web version). That option is now gone in the new version – Please bring it back!

I was using it every day Samuel, so please don’t say that it wasn’t used.

NewsBlur 2.0 on the web is absolutely great, but on iOS it’s a bit of a mess:

  • removes features I use (bookmarking to Pinboard)
  • breaks things (sharing from the embedded browser)
  • doesn’t fix things that were already broken (deleting sites *still* hangs on ‘Deleting…’)

I happily paid for a premium account, but rule one is don’t bait-and-switch…

Workaround for Pinboard is to share via Pocket or Instapaper (I use this for Flipboard), but it’s messy and privacy is a bit hit-and-miss…

I use both pinboard and evernote… I’d really like the option to use them in the ios app.

Another +1 for Pinboard!