Pinboard and Delicious feeds - tags

I am hoping to use NewsBlur to aggregate tag subscriptions from Pinboard and Delicious. (Example:

  1. it looks like something odd is happening to the tags when they get pulled in from Pinboard. (I haven’t been able to check Delicious as their feeds seem mostly broken right now). Tags seem to be lumped all together in one giant tag except when a special symbol is used in the tag, which then breaks the lump in the wrong place. Am I just reading what is happening incorrectly?

  2. Since I want to look at feeds of tagged bookmarks at least 50% because of the tags, is there any possibility of having the option to make the tag text larger/easier to read?

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I wanted to report the same issue with the clumped tags, luckily I’m seeing others have mentioned as well. Having usable tags on stories is NewBlur’s super power :slight_smile:

Looking at Pinboard’s RSS feed, each story’s tags are indeed given inside a single <dc:subject> tag, separated by spaces. Ideally, NewsBlur’s parser would need to split() them on spaces and end up with the list of separate tags.

Here’s my own account’s RSS feed if anyone wants to have a look:

Though to be honest Pinboard’s RSS feed looks quite messy to begin with, at least for something that looks like a straightforward list of bookmarks.