Pictures continue to load even after the post has been read

Sometimes, I’ll use “J” or the scroll bar to move past a picture-heavy post (that I don’t want to read in its entirety) before all the pictures have finished loading. However, the pictures continue to load, causing the current story to be scrolled out of view. After I have passed a post, I no longer want its pictures to load. As well as causing the scrolling issue, it also sucks up precious bandwidth. :slight_smile: Can you please make it so this doesn’t happen?

PS, otherwise NewsBlur kicks ass and I love it! Cheers to you for making such a great service!

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The real solution is to use buffered lists, which presents its own problems. I haven’t implemented it yet, but in the mean time you can use the List view, which obviates the need for canceling the loading of images on stories you aren’t reading, since only a single story is loaded at a time.

Wow, thanks for responding so quickly! The List view suggestion is interesting, and I’ll think about it. I really prefer to glance at the story as a whole to decide whether or not to read it, so I’ll probably just stick with the post view and deal with the scrolling issue. Thanks for your suggestion, though.