Persistent 'Error loading stories' overlay on screen

Since 3.5.0 came out, I often get a ‘Error loading stories’ message near the bottom of the screen (Galaxy Nexus on Android 4.3). This can stay visible for several minutes, and can be removed by ‘Force Stop’ of the app (swiping it away in the app list doesn’t work).

It seems to be related to opening a folder of feeds, rather than individual ones. The progress spinner also keeps restarting when opening a folder.

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This should be fixed with 3.5.3.

The spinner issue seems fixed in 3.5.3, but the error message is still there. Is there any more information I can provide to help ?

Actually, it fades out much quicker now. eg, rotating the device triggers an update, when the spinner finishes the ‘Error loading stories’ messages appears for about 6 seconds, then fades out.

Glad we got it under control so it only appears more briefly. If you are still seeing the message at all, though, it is because there is an error occuring somewhere, we just need to find out why.

In what view are you seeing this? A particular feed or folder? All Stories? A blurblog? What options do you have set? Anything helps!

I’ve been experiencing this problem, too. It’s only in All Stories and sometimes in bigger folders. The more unread stories, the more frequently it pops up. Selecting a particular feed is a good way to avoid it, as the message has yet to pop up in individual feeds.

We just released v3.5.5 which should address this and all other new issues.

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Still seeing it, unfortunately. Here’s an example:

I have a folder with 21 unread messages from a single feed, and 8 other feeds without any unread.

If I tap on the feed it loads without an error message. The items come in 6 at a time, with a pause in between. My latency to NY is 250-300ms, and I’m not a premium user.

If I tap on the folder instead, then I’ll reliably get the ‘Error loading stories’ message, which fades after about 4 seconds now. I’ll also get all the items in one go.

On both folder and feed I have Filter set to ‘Unread Only’, and Feed Order is ‘Newest First’. ‘Show public comments’ is on in the global prefs.

I’m on NewsBlur ver. 3.5.5 with a free account. My device is a Samsung Galaxy S3, running Android 4.3. I am still getting the error, and pretty reliably.

I have 12 feeds. When I click on “All Stories” I always get the “Error loading stories” message. If I click on the individual feeds below the “All Stories” tab, I rarely, if ever, get the “Error loading stories” message. And, even after clicking on the feeds individually, if I go back to click on “All Stories” the error message returns.

Update: Even after I clear all feeds by checking them as read, when I go back to the “All Stories” tab and click on it, I get the “Error loading stories” message. Hm.

We just identified that this is an error for free users only, due to an unrelated issue with the API. I’ll be sending out an update early next week.