Performance issues (web)?

Is any one else noticing performance issues?
I cannot open newblur from the last 2-3 days as it slows my browser considerably.


Not that I know of. Have you tried a different browser? What browser/OS are you on? Everything runs super fast for me and the logs are showing great performance. In fact, if you look on the dashboard you can see what the average response time is for all page loads.

I am on windows (firefox16) and mac(firefox17)

Looks fine on chrome, but I don’t use it. Will see if I notice something and will try to log it using yslow.

Here is what I found, does that help?

Normal loading:…
When NB was slow:…

The only feedback I can give to that YSlow is for the Far-future expire headers. I use ETags, which are far more reliable since I can change the stag when the icon changes, whereas I have to wait for a far-future expire header to expire before the client comes back asking for a more recent version. That’s a defect of YSlow.

Otherwise, looks like it’s A’s all around, save for a couple B’s in categorizes that were tradeoffs I know about, i.e. inline style tags (which I use sparingly and only for user-specific CSS rules).

Okay, then I am not sure about the exact problem. The only noticeable thing I see it, when ever newsblur is going to be slow, the message: “Everything is on its way” becomes really slow, takes like 4-5 seconds.

And at times, it takes 1-2 seconds when things work fine.

Well that’s normal. It’s just the first time it’s loading your feeds. That can take a few seconds. Since it’s an uncommon case, I let it be a few seconds (although if you refresh it should be much faster the second time around).

Yes, I understand this is supposed to be slow. But what I notice is, when that is slower than expected, then everything else is also pretty slow and my browser hangs. Once I close the newblur tab, things start working again.

I cannot prove the problem, so lets ignore it for now. Will update you if I find something substantial.

I rarely see this error: