Penny Arcade Feed - Comics Filtered Out

When I pull this feed up in my web browser:…

I see both comics and news posts.

But when I put the feed into my reader and view all, all comic stories are filtered out. What gives?

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Looks like the comics aren’t part of the feed. I pulled it up in Firefox directly and it looks like this:

OHH, unless you trained the feed to dislike stories with “Comics” in the title. Right-click on the feed and go to Intelligence Trainer. Alternatively, you should see a “See Hidden Stories” button at the top of the story titles pane. Then you can re-train those hidden stories.

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I subscribe to the same RSS URL (…) and get comics and newsposts alike just fine. You *do* have to click thru or use the magic/awesome “Enter” shortcut to temporarily switch to story view, though.

Samuel, I didn’t realize I had done this. Fixing the intelligence tracker made the comics appear again. Thanks for looking into this for me!

I subscribe to a feed I found on Yahoo Pipes that only has the comics, and they’re displayed as images:…

You all might find it useful