PayPal Payment Canceled

Somehow my Newsblur recurring payment was canceled in PayPal and I’m wondering if all I need to do is pay manually when it comes time to do so again. Also, would this PayPal activity alter how often my feeds are updated? Thanks.

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I wouldn’t worry about it until you get an email from NewsBlur mentioning that you have a month before your subscription runs out. (Note to self: build feature that emails users a month before their subscription runs out).

Until then, you’ll stay a premium, and you’ll have at least a month’s notice before anything would happen anyhow.


Hah! I paid via paypal $12 last year. Then recurring payment got cancelled and now when I try to pay it says it’s $24! Has the price doubled??

It doubled a while ago, back in March. I kept the grandfathered $12 accounts going, but it also means that if the subscription was cancelled you can only re-sign for the new rate. I’ll just go ahead and upgrade your account to non-expiring premium.

I believe that I have a $12 grandfathered account, is there any way to check? And if I do, how can I make sure that things will be renewed automatically?