Payment not going through?

I tweeted it on Twitter but figured it would be more relevant to post here.

I upgraded my account from Free to Premium just now using Stripe but haven’t received any email confirmation. Logging into both and still show “Free Account”. I wonder if the payment came through — it does show up in my bank account activity (POS DEBIT NEWSBLUR PREMIUM - WOOH SAN FRANCISC CA).

My username is quanganhdo.


Went ahead and did it by hand. Thanks for going premium!

Thanks for the quick reply!

Same here. I got the “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!” page, but no email so far and still showing up as free account. I realize that you’re under heavy load, just wondering how long it might take for this to show up (and be sure that it worked). My username is eagereyes.

I’ve found that changing the URL of the Thank You! page to might have some effect - though I don’t know if that was just a placebo or not.

There was an issue where emails were not making it out due to an Amazon Web Services limitation.…

If you visit the dashboard at you should see in the top right whether your account is free or premium.

Same here - payment is made, but still limited free account :frowning:
username is jmosthaf