Payment is way overdue, but I still retain premium

While recommending NewsBlur to friend wanted to check for how long I use it, knowing that shortly after checking it out I took premium subscription decided to find how much of subscription I have left.

To my surprise I found out that account should be renewed on April 16 2015, yet not only it didn’t, but my account is still marked as premium. Hopefully only my account is affected that way.


What’s your username? You should have received an email on April 16th telling you about a month-long grace period, which should have ended a couple days ago.

It’s the same as the one here (XLII). Checked e-mail - didn’t got anything (yet occasional OPML backups goes through just fine).

Ohh, looks like the premium expiration task got backed up and may never complete. I’ll get that fixed up today and you should see an email within the next couple hours.

Got it, thanks :slight_smile: