Pausing feeds?

I’ve just subscribed to NewsBlur after having used NetNewsWire for the past 3 years or so and am very impressed by its elegance.

However, one feature NNW has that NewsBlur seems to lack is the ability to pause/suspend feeds. This way, you can get a feed to stop updating without having to delete it permanently. Can one actually do this in NewsBlur and I am just missing it?

Thank you.


Any chance we can get this feature, Samuel? Would love to have this functionality.

You can train the whole feed down, and then it won’t show new posts.

Not quite the same but probably close enough.

Really missing feature.
I’m also looking for that possibility.
Will be great if the feeds will stay where they are (to not change structure of the folders), but pause/suspend with the right click…

Yeah, I recommend right-clicking on the feed and going to the Trainer and thumbs-downing the entire feed. That will preserve the feed and you’ll only see it if you search for it (hit ‘g’) or use the All Sites view.

But in that case I cannot see any difference (maybe some kind of shadow color in the name of the feed???)
Will be good to see active and paused feeds without opening them one by one…